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Please select one of the 2013-2014 Faculty Senate meeting dates listed below to view the corresponding material:

April 1
March 11
February 18
February 4
January 14
December 3
November 5
October 1
September 10
September 3

April 1

Agenda | Highlights | Minutes

Provost | Report

Compensation Committee | powerpoint presentation

Graduate Education Forums | Summary, Minutes, Memos

Proposed Changes to Annual Evaluation, Merit Evaluation, and Post-tenure Review | powerpoint presentation PDF

Election to Senate Committees | Faculty Senate Committees Slates

Faculty Curriculum Committee

Course Proposals and Program Changes

New Programs

Information about New Policies on Grade Prerequisites

Committee on Graduate Education, Continuing Education and Special Programs

  • New Course Proposal: PUBA 614 Urban Applications of Geographic Information Systems
  • Program Changes: Historic Preservation (Cover Letter and outline)
    Course Changes (includes all courses listed below, except for late changes, which will have their own files)
    HSPV 620, Preservation Law and Economics 
    HSPV 802, Historic Preservation Research Seminar
    HSPV 804, Management and Administration in Historic Preservation 
    HSPV 805, Preservation Studio 
    HSPV 809, (change from 611), Historical Research Methods 
    HSPV 810, Conservation Science Laboratory 
    HSPV 845 (change from 800), Summer Internship in Historic Preservation 
    HSPV 892 (change from 880), Special Topics in Historic Preservation
    HSPV 893 (change from 890), Independent Study in Historic Preservation
    HSPV 823, Historic American Interiors
    HSPV 833, Cultural and Historic Landscape Preservation
    HSPV 891, Thesis in Historic Preservation
    HSPV 803, Building Technology and Pathology
    New Course Proposals (includes all courses listed below, except for late changes, which will have their own files)
    HSPV 807, American Architecture 
    HSPV 811, Advanced Conservation Science Laboratory
    HSPV 819, Investigation, Documentation, Conservation
    HSPV 821, Historic Preservation and Public Memory
    HSPV 822, Vernacular Places and Spaces
    HSPV 825, Sustainability and Historic Preservation
    HSPV 826, Historic Structures Report
    HSPV 827, Adaptive Use
    HSPV 828, Case Studies in Preservation Engineering
    Course Deletions (includes all courses listed below)
    HSPV 619, Investigation, Documentation, Conservation
    HSPV 605, American Architectural Styles 1650-1950
    HSPV 610, History & Theory in llistoric Preservation
    HSPV 611, Research Methods in Historic Preservation
    HSPV 680, Special Topics in Historic Preservation
    HSPV 612, Materials and Methods of Historic Construction
    HSPV 859, Terminal Project in Historic Preservation
  • New Certificate Proposal: Computer Science – Cyber Security

General Education Committee

  • Approval of courses for General Education Status (all proposals are in a single PDF)
  • Math or Logic: 
    HONS 216: Conceptual Tour of Contemporary Mathematics
  • Humanities:
    AFST 202: Special Topics in African Studies
CLAS 223: Aegean Prehistory

    CLAS 225: The Archaeology of Athens

    CLAS 226: The Archaeology of Rome

    CLAS 320: State Formation in the Mediterranean World
CLAS 322: Mediterranean Landscapes

    CLAS 324: Ancient Mediterranean Economies
CLAS 343: Luxury and Status in Ancient Rome

    CLAS 345: Love, Beauty, and Sexuality in the Greco-Roman World

    CLAS 356: Ancient Roman Letters

    HONS 173: Honors Introduction to International Studies

Resolution of No Confidence in the College of Charleston Board of Trustees

March 11

Agenda | Highlights | Minutes

Provost | Report

Faculty Curriculum Committee

Course Proposals and Program Changes:

  • ASST: Create new conversation supplement courses in Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, and Japanese
  • EXSC: Create new special topics course (EXSC 320)
  • URST: Create new course (URST 360)

New Program:

  • SCIM: New major in Supply Chain Management (with new courses, etc.)

Resolution on Academic Freedom Departmental Resolutions on Academic Freedom

Academic Standards Committee | Proposal to Modify Admission Standards for the School of Business

Resolution on the Presidential Search Process

February 18

Highlights | Minutes

Resolution Against MUSC-CofC Merger

Resolution Concerning Collaboration with MUSC and Other Area Colleges

February 4

Agenda | Highlights | Minutes

Provost | Report

General Education Assessment | powerpoint presentation

Campus Climate Survey Committee | powerpoint presentation | PDF

Recent Online Faculty Survey | powerpoint presentation | Executive Summary | Responses | Faculty Survey Comments 

Faculty Curriculum Committee

Course Proposals and Program Changes

  • SOCY/ANTH, ARCH - Change prerequisities for ANTH 381 Internship; Change prereqs and credit hour range for ANTH 490 Independent Study; Change credit hours and description for ANTH 493 Field School in Archaeology; Change credit hour range for SOCY 490 Independent Study; Change SOCY, ANTH, and ARCH programs accordingly
  • Asian Studies: Create new independent-study courses for CHNS, JPNS, and ARBC
  • ENGL: Create ENGL 371 (Multi-Ethnic Literature); Create ENGL 315 (Black Women Writers); Deactivate ENGL 400 (Seminar); Change description (ENGL 499, 190, 290, 350, 360, 361, 362, 363, 364, 365, 366, 370, 390, 395, 399, 404); Change program
  • FREN: Deactivate courses (FREN 150, Intensive Elementary French; FREN 350, Intensive Conversation and Composition); Change prerequisites (FREN 341, Phonetics and Advanced Language Study)
  • HEAL: Change prerequisites for HEAL 325 (Health Promotion); Change prerequisites for HEAL 325L (Field Experience in Health Promotion); Change prerequisites for HEAL 403 (Health Internship)
  • HONS: Create two new courses (HONS 203, Financial Accounting; HONS 204, Managerial Accounting)
  • MATH: Change prerequisites for MATH 203 and MATH 250
  • PHYS: Create new course (PHYS 272, Methods of Applied Physics); add as prerequisite
  • PSYC: Add new courses (PSYC 385, Cognitive Neuroscience, and PSYC 391, Foundations of Psychotherapy); change major accordingly; change minor
  • RUSS: Add new course (RUSS 398, Independent Study); change minor accordingly
  • ARTM: Change program to replace 9 hours of SOTA courses with list of options; Change name and description for ARTM 200 (Introduction to Arts Management to Contemporary Issues in Arts Management); Change name and description for ARTM 210 (Advanced Arts Management to Principles and Practices in Arts Management); Change credit hours and prerequisites for ARTM 360; Change prerequisites for ARTM 370; Change credit hours for ARTM 380 (Independent Study in Arts Management); Change minor (add ARTM 401 as alternative to ARTM 400,  add ARTM 390 as alternative to BLAW 205); Add C- prerequisite (students must have C- in ARTM 200 and 310 to continue)
  • CHEM
    Broad reworking of CHEM (BA, BS, CHEM with Secondary Education cognate), Biochemistry, CHEM minor, Marine Biology
    Renumber and rename courses: CHEM 511 (Adv. Inorganic Chemistry) to CHEM 311 (Inorganic Chemistry); CHEM 512L (Adv. Inorganic Chem Lab) to CHEM 312L (Inorganic Chem Lab); CHEM 522/522L (Enviro. Chemistry/Lab) to 422/422L (Enviro. Chemistry/Lab)
    Renumber courses: CHEM 583 (Special Topics) to CHEM 483 (Special Topics); CHEM 531 (Advanced Organic Chemistry) to CHEM 431 (Advanced Organic Chemistry); CHEM 541 (Advanced Physical Chemistry) to CHEM 441 (Advanced Physical Chemistry)
    Renumber courses and change credit hours: CHEM 221/221L (Quantitative Analysis, 4/1 credits) to 220/220L (3/2 credits); CHEM 521/521L (Instrumental Analysis, 4/0 credits) to 421/421L (3/1 credits)
    Change name, prerequisite, and descriptions: CHEM 341/341L (Physical Chem. I to Thermodynamics, Statistical Thermodynamics, & Kinetics); CHEM 342/342L (Physical Chem. II to Quantum Chemistry & Spectroscopy)
    Change prerequisite: CHEM 354 (change CHEM 351 from prerequisite to co-requisite)
    Deactivate courses: CHEM 528, Nuclear and Radiochemistry; CHEM 526, Introduction to Nuclear and Radiochemistry
    Create new course: MATH 229, Vector Calculus with Chemical Applications
    Change programs: CHEM, B.S.; CHEM, B.A.; Biochemistry, B. S.; Marine Biology, B.S.; CHEM minor; CHEM B.A. with secondary education cognate
  • GEOG minor: Add existing course (POLI 331, Geography of Native Lands/Indian Law) to minor
  • PPLW concentration: Add existing course (POLI 320, Constitutional Law) as alternative to POLI 321 (Civil Liberties)
  • EXSC: Add CHEM 101/101L and 102/102L as alternatives

New or Deleted Programs.  New or deleted programs will receive individual votes by the Senate.

January 14

Agenda | Highlights | Minutes

Provost | Report

Faculty Committee on Student Affairs and Athletics | Proposed FAM Class Attendance Language Change

December 3

Agenda | Highlights | Minutes

Provost | Report (ppt)

Committee on By-Laws and the Faculty/Adminstration Manual

Faculty Curriculum Committee

Course Proposals
Change prerequisites

Change credit hours

Change course prefix

Change course number and/or prerequisites

New course proposals

Course deactivations

Program Changes

Motion to change the method by which curricular proposals are approved by the Senate

Graduate Education Committee

General Education Committee

Motion to Approve for General Education Status


Social Science

Faculty Welfare Committee

Resolution that Invited Guests and Committee Representatives Formally Addressing the Faculty Senate Provide Text of Comments One Week Prior to Faculty Senate Meeting, presented by Irina Gigova

November 5

Agenda | Highlights | Minutes

Provost | Report (ppt)

Faculty Compensation Committee, Report on the Committee's Proposal for Distribution of Salary Adjustment Funds for 2013-2014
Proposal | Table: School Differentials from CUPA-HR Data, 30 September 2013 | Powerpoint

Faculty Committee on Educational Technology, Report on Status of Online Course Evaluations and Current Work of FETC 

Committee on By-Laws and FAM
Motion to More Clearly Define Faculty Eligibility for Committee Work, Change to By-laws Article V, Section 1, K

Curriculum Committee

Course Proposals: 
Change Prerequisites

Change Course Title

New Course Proposals

Program Terminations:

Graduate Education Committee

Change credit/contact hours:

Change title and description:

Larry Krasnoff, Director, Pre-Law Program
Discussion on the Idea of the College's acquiring the Charleston School of Law (ppt)

October 1

Agenda | Highlights | Minutes

President | Report 

Provost | Report (ppt)

Graduate Education Committee

Old Business

  • Motion to delete MBAD 500 from program requirements and to add MBAD 520 to program requirements for Master of Business Administration

New Business

General Education Committee

  • Motion to Replace Humanities Categories with Approval Criteria
  • Motion to Approve Courses for General Education Status in Humanities
  • DANC 290 - Special Topics in Dance
  • DANC 330 - History of Non-Western Dance
  • DANC 331 - History of Western Dance

Faculty Curriculum Committee

Committee on Nominations and Elections

  • Motion to More Clearly Define Faculty Eligibility for Committee Work, Change to By-laws Article V, Section 1, K
  • Motion to Exclude Faculty Members Currently under Review from the Post-Tenure Review Committee, Change to By-laws Article V, Section 3, B 15 a 5
  • Motion to Exclude Faculty Members Currently under Review from the Advisory Committee on Tenure, Promotion and Third-Year Review, Change to By-laws Article V, Section 3, B 7 a 5

September 10

Agenda | Highlights | Minutes

Provost George Hynd | report (ppt)

Brian McGee | Great Colleges to Work For Survey report (ppt)

Vince Benigni | Faculty Committee on Student Affairs & Athletics presentation (ppt)

Graduate Education Committee

General Education Committee

Motion to Approve Courses for General Education Status

Motion to Approve New Forms for General Education

Motion to Approve a Resolution that the Board of Trustees Conduct a National Seach for the next President of the College

September 3

Video (must use CofC username and password to view)