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Committee on Academic Standards, Admissions, and Financial Aid

The Committee on Academic Standards, Admissions and Financial Aid is comprised of seven faculty members and one student.

This committee rules on student petitions concerning academic matters, as well as queries from faculty and administration on matters relating to interpretation or application of academic standards. The committee is responsible for recommending to the Faculty Senate standards for admissions, continuation and graduation; and to monitor actions of administrators to ensure that such standards as may be approved by the Senate are enforced. The committee also makes recommendations for scholarships and reviews policies for financial assistance.

(Description adapted from the Faculty/Administration Manual, August 2017: Article V, Section 3.B.7)

Committee Roster

Chair: Deborah Boyle - Philosophy

Braswell, Mike - Accounting and Business Law

Foley, Allison - Sociology and Anthropology

Klein, Susan - Studio Art

Tonks, Neal - Chemistry and Biochemistry

Van Sickle, Meta - Teacher Education

Verlinden, Marianne - Hispanic Studies

Student member: TBD

To view the online archive of records for this committee, please view the Faculty Senate Online Archives.

Have more questions? Please contact the committee chair, Deborah Boyle