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ad hoc Committee on Institutional Identity and Vision

In September 2017, this ad hoc committee was charged with organizing a discussion among faculty and staff regarding the identity of the College and its role as an academic institution within the context of higher education today. Please view the hyperlinks provided below for this committee's findings. An ad hoc committee in 2005-2006 was created with a similar charge, and their findings can also be viewed via the hyperlinks provided below.

To view the online archive of records for this committee (e.g. annual reports and meeting minutes), please view the Faculty Senate Online Archives.

2018-2019 ad hoc Committee:
  • Chair: William Bares
  • Committee Members: Jen Wright (Psychology), Pamela Riggs-Gelasco (Chemistry), Jonathan Neufeld (Psychology), Robert Podolsky (Biology), William Bares (Computer Science)
  • Regular Guests: Jeri Cabot (Dean of Students), Todd McNerney (Office of the Provost designee)
  • View: annual report | meeting minutes
2017-2018 ad hoc Committee:
2005-2006 Organizing Committee:
  • Chair: Simon Lewis
  • Committee Members: Rita Balaban, Jean Everett, Lynne Ford, Alex Kasman, and Simon Lewis
  • Senate Meeting Minutes  (September 5, 2005): note from then President Lee Higdon of the need for " coversation regarding our identity as an institution.."
  • Senate Meeting Minutes (November 29, 2005): approved motion to convene a campus-wide conversation on the identity of the College of Charleston as a liberal arts and sciences institution
  • Documents on the campus-wide conversations: