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Committee Rosters

2019-2020 Academic Year

Archives - For past committee rosters and other records, please see the archives section of the website.

(S) denotes a Senator.
(P) denotes the Faculty Senate Parliamentarian. 

Standing Senate Committees

Academic Planning Committee

Chair: Daniel Greenberg - Psychology

Secretary: Mary Ann Blitt - Hispanic Studies

Bowers, Terence - English

Hansen, David - Management and Marketing

Jones, Linda - Physics and Astronomy

McLaine, Gretchen - Theater and Dance

Rogers. Amy - Chemistry and Biochemistry

Student member: TBA

Non-voting ex-officio member: Provost (or Provost's designee)

Budget Committee

Chair: William Veal - Teacher Education

Harris, M. Scott  - Geology and Environmental Geosciences

McNerney, Todd - Theatre and Dance

Noland, Thomas - Accounting and Business Law

Pitts, Robert - Management and Marketing

Ravalico, Lauren - French, Francophone, and Italian Studies

Southgate, Agnes - Biology

Non-voting ex-officio members: Provost (or Provost's designee), College Budget Director 

Committee on By-Laws and Faculty/Administration Manual

Chair: TBA

Gibas, Piotr - Asian Studies

Lee, Michael - Communication

Young, Paul - Mathematics

Ex-officio members: Speaker of the Faculty, Faculty Secretary, Provost (or Provost's designee), and Vice President for Legal Affairs.

Standing College Committees

Adjunct Oversight Committee

Chair: Chris Warnick - English

Member of the Academic Planning Committee: TBA

Member of the Faculty Welfare Committee: TBA

Member of the Budget Committee: TBA

Member of the Faculty Compensation Committee: TBA

Elected adjunct faculty member: Glenda Byars - Theater and Dance

Ex-officio member (designated by the Provost): Todd McNerney - Theatre and Dance

Advisory Committee on First-Year Experience

Chair: Ian O'Byrne - Teacher Education

Agrest, Sofia - Mathematics

Doire, Louise - Religious Studies

Ghosh, Kris - Computer Science

Kolak, Amy - Psychology

Kopfman, Jenifer - Communication


Advisory Committee on Tenure, Promotion, and Third-Year Review

Chair: Christopher Korey - Biology

Desplaces, David - Management and Marketing

Hagood, Margaret - Teacher Education

Kelly, Joe - English

Hector Qirko - Sociology and Anthropology


Brock, Laura - Teacher Education

Grantham, Todd - Philosophy

Teklu, Alem - Physics and Astronomy

Walker, Doug  - Economics

Worzala, Elaine - Finance

Ex-officio non-voting member: Provost (or Provost's designee)

Committee on Academic Standards, Admissions, and Financial Aid

Chair: Deborah Boyle - Philosophy

Braswell, Mike - Accounting and Business Law

Foley, Allison - Sociology and Anthropology

Klein, Susan - Studio Art

Tonks, Neal - Chemistry and Biochemistry

Van Sickle, Meta - Teacher Education

Verlinden, Marianne - Hispanic Studies

Student member: TBA

Committee on Assessment of Institutional Effectiveness

Chair: Stephen Short - Psychology

Alwine, Andrew - Classics

Finch, Jannette - Libraries

McGee, Deborah - Communication

ndunda, mutindi - Teacher Education

Sheppard, Wendy - Mathematics

Vinas de Puig, Ricard - Hispanic Studies

Vulava, Vijay - Geology and Environmental Geosciences

Welch, Allison - Biology

Non-voting ex-officio members: Provost (or Provost's designee), Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning

Committee on Continuing Education

Chair: Brumby McLeod - Hospitality and Tourism Management

Fox, Jennifer  - Chemistry and Biochemistry

Hajja, Ayman - Computer Science

Haykal, Aaisha - Libraries

McReynolds Perez, Julia - Sociology and Anthropology

Non-voting ex-officio members: Provost (or Provost's designee), Dean of the School of Professional Studies (or their designee), Registrar (or Registrar's designee), and Associate Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning (or designee).

Committee on General Education

Chair: Susan Kattwinkel - Theatre and Dance  (S)

Frash, Robert - Hospitality and Tourism Management

Jones, Allison - Library

Jordan, Adam - Teacher Education

Keneman, Margaret - French, Francophone, and Italian Studies

Lavrich, Richard - Chemistry and Biochemistry

Millesen, Judy - Political Science

Student member: TBA

Ex-officio non-voting members: Associate Vice President for the Academic Experience (or other administrator designated by the Provost), Director of Assessment (or other administrator designated by the Provost)

Committee on Graduate Education

Chair: Sandy Slater - History  (S)

Bossak, Brian - Health and Human Performance

Keeney, Kate - Arts Management

Morrison, Shawn - French, Francophone, and Italian Studies

Ruth-McSwain, Amanda - Communication

Non-voting ex-officio members: Provost (or Provost's designee), Dean of Graduate School (or Graduate Dean's designee), Registrar (or Registrar's designee), and Associate Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning (or designee).

Committee on the Library

Chair: Bethany Goodier - Communication

Blackwell, Calvin - Economics

Domby, Adam - History

Giuliano, Michael - Chemistry and Biochemistry

Grace, Carmen - Hispanic Studies

Morris, David - Sociology and Anthropology

Specker Sullivan, Laura - Philosophy

Non-voting ex-officio member: Dean of the Libraries

Committee on Nominations and Elections

Chair: RoxAnn Stalvey - Computer Science

Farrell, Susan - English

Lee, Namjin - Communication

Mignone, Bob - Mathematics 

Perkins, Bob - Teacher Education 

Ross, Tom - Psychology 

Seay, Jared - Libraries

Stalvey, RoxAnn - Computer Science

Committee on Student Affairs and Athletics

Chair: Jacob Steere-Williams - History

Lewter, Brandon - Libraries

Maher, Mike - French, Francophone, and Italian Studies

Passarelli, Angela - Management and Marketing

Smail, Karen - Health and Human Performance

Non-resident student member: TBD

Male resident student member: TBD

Female resident student member: TBD

Non-voting ex-officio members: Senior Vice President for Student Affairs, Executive Athletic Director, and faculty athletic representative  

Curriculum Committee

Chair: Andrew Przeworski - Mathematics

Secretary: Nenad Radakovic - Teacher Education

Appler, Vivian - Theatre and Dance

Baker, Jennifer - Philosophy

Carroll, Thomas - Health and Human Performance

Maldonado, Beatriz - International Studies

Smith, Wayne - Hospitality and Tourism Management

Uribe, Ana - Physics and Astronomy

Varallo, Anthony - English

Student member: TBA

Ex-officio member: Registrar (or Registrar's designee)

Non-voting ex-officio member: Provost (or Provost's designee)

Educational Technology Committee

Chair: TBA

Cory, Wendy - Chemistry and Biochemistry

Ferguson, Doug - Communication

Hatteberg, Sarah - Sociology and Anthropology

Hunter-Doniger, Tracey - Teacher Education

Mazzone, Marian - Art and Architectural History

Pyles, Mark - Finance

Timms, Geoff - Library

Student member: TBA

Non-voting ex-officio members: Provost (or Provost's designee), Chief Information Officer (or CIO's designee), and Director of Teaching, Learning, and Technology

Faculty Advisory Committee to the President

Chair: Laura Turner - Theater and Dance

Beres Rogers, Kathy - English

Hughes, Melissa - Biology

Litvin, Stephen - Hospitality and Tourism Management

Muldrow, Ralph - Art and Architectural History

Elected adjunct faculty member: Katherine Greenburg - French, Francophone, and Italian Studies

Chair of the Academic Planning Committee: Daniel Greenberg

Chair of the Budget Committee: William Veal

Chair of the Faculty Welfare Committee: Ghazi Abuhakema and David Boucher

Chair of the Committee on General Education: Susan Kattwinkel 

Chair of the Committee on Assessment of Institutional Effectiveness: Stephen Short

Chair of the Faculty Compensation Committee: Devon Hanahan

Faculty Compensation Committee

Chair: Devon Hanahan - Hispanic Studies

Chartas, George - Physics and Astronomy

Deas, Kendall - Political Science

Ivey, Thomas - Mathematics

Parry, Tom - Health and Human Performance

Perez-Nunez, Antonio - Hispanic Studies

VanDenburgh, William - Accounting and Business Law

Wilhelm, Jenn - Psychology

Elected adjunct faculty member: Kelly Wiechman - French, Francophone, and Italian Studies

Faculty Grievance Committee

Chair: Beth Lloyd - Teacher Education

Mikati, Rana - History

Overby, Jason - Chemistry and Biochemistry

Vassilandonakis, Yiorgos - Musics

Wise, Carl - Hispanic Studies


Alexander, Kristin - Theatre and Dance

Day, Christopher - Political Science

Jurisich, Elizabeth - Mathematics

McCauley, Renee - Computer Science

Faculty Hearing Committee

Chair: TBA

Bares, William - Computer Science

De Luca, Giovanna - French, Francophone, and Italian Studies

Duvall, Barbara - Studio Art

Huddlestun, John - Religious Studies

Jin, Lei - Asian Studies

Krasnoff, Larry - Philosophy

Li, Jiexiang - Mathematics

Lindner, Lee - Physics and Astronomy

May, Cindi - Psychology

Riggs-Gelasco, Pam - Chemistry and Biochemistry

Sarvate, Dinesh - Mathematics

Siegler, Elijah - Religious Studies

Faculty Research and Development Committee

Chair: TBA

Bourdier, Juliette - French, Francophone, and Italian Studies

Forconi, Marcello - Chemistry and Biochemistry

Hoffmann, Heath - Socioloy and Anthropology

Jestice, Phyllis - History

Kumar, Mukesh - Mathematics

Larsen, Michael - Physics and Astronomy

Madariaga, Jessica - Economics

Ross, Tom - Psychology

White, Kelley - Teacher Education

Non-voting ex-officio member: Provost (or Provost's designee)

Faculty Welfare Committee

Co-Chair: Ghazi Abuhakema - Asian Studies

Co-Chair: David Boucher - Chemistry and Biochemistry

Burkett, Tracy - Sociology and Anthropology

Della Lana, Stephen - German and Slavic Studies

Fairchild, Mary Jo - Library

Hubel, Grace - Psychology

Moore, Christine - Computer Science

Rutter, Matt - Biology

Elected adjunct faculty member: Glenda Byars - Theatre and Dance

Honor Board

Bowring, Jim - Computer Science

Fragile, Chris - Physics and Astronomy

Gerrish, Jennifer - Classics

Gonzalez, Marvin - Supply Chain and Information Management

Hart, Leslie - Health and Human Performance

McClure, Rebecca - Libraries

McGinnis, Briana - Political Science

O'Brien, Michael - Music

Honor Board Advisors

Byker, Devin - English

DeAthos‐Meers, Sandy - Music 

Hogan, Robert - Accounting and Business Law 

Humphreys, Robin - Geology and Environmental Geosciences 

Kai, Bo - Mathematics

Lowe, Leonard - Religious Studies 

Ragusa, Jordan - Political Science 

Scott, Blake - International Studies

Honors College Committee

Chair: Kate Pfile - Health and Human Performance

Affonso, Lancie - Computer Science 

Bjerken, Zeff - Religious Studies

Compton, Rebekah - Art and Architectural History 

Flores, Samuel - Classics 

Quesada, Gioconda - Supply Chain and Information Management

Sautter, Leslie - Geology and Environmental Geosciences

Student Representative: TBA

Ex-officio non-voting member: Honors College Dean (or Dean's designee)

Parking Advisory and Adjudication Committee

Mullaugh, Kate - Chemistry and Biochemistry


Westerfelhaus, Robert - Communication

Post-Tenure Review Committee

Chair: Kristin Krantzman - Chemistry and Biochemistry

Coy, Jason - History

Hay, Genevieve - Teacher Education

Nenno, Nancy - German and Russian Studies

Strauman, Elena - Communication


Beutel, Erin - Geology and Environmental Geosciences

Calcagno, Peter - Economics

Devet, Bonnie - English

Swanson, Julie - Teacher Education

Weyers, Joseph - Hispanic Studies