Committee on Graduate Education

The Committee on Graduate Education is comprised of five regular faculty members, at least three of whom are also members of the Graduate Faculty. The Dean of the Graduate School, the Registrar, the Provost, and the Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning, or their designees, are non-voting ex-officio members.

The committee reviews and creates recommendations concerning graduate education policy, including faculty development programs related to graduate education. The committee reviews proposed changes in graduate programs and courses and, via the Graduate Council, forwards approvals to the Faculty Senate. The committee is responsible for providing faculty review for credit-bearing graduate level education programing not applicable to any College of Charleston graduate degree or certificate (such as non-catalog offerings of the Office of Professional Development in Education). The committee also reviews and makes recommendations concerning proposals for the termination of graduate programs brought to the committee by the Provost.

(Description adapted from the Faculty/Administration Manual, August 2017: Article V, Section 3.B.2)

Important Information

Accessing Curriculog

Access to the system is only available to active CofC faculty members. You can reach it through MyCharleston ( After logging in, select the Faculty tab and the Curriculog access link will be available in the middle column, along with additional helpful resources. Or you can go directly to the site at Please contact if you have trouble logging in, or experience any other technical issues.

Resources for Graduate Education Curriculum Proposals
Sample Proposal Items
  • Syllabus statements:
    • Graduate grading scale - PDF | Word
    • Honor Code - PDF  | Word
    • American Disabilities Act - PDF  | Word

Meeting Schedule

Time and Location TBA

September 6 Agenda | Minutes
October 11 Agenda | Minutes
November 8 Agenda | Minutes
November 22 Agenda | Minutes
January 10 Agenda | Minutes
February 7 Agenda | Minutes
March 6 and 13 Agenda | Minutes
April 5 (no curricular proposals will be considered - see curricular proposal timeline below)

  *To view the archive of records for this committee, please view the Faculty Senate Online Archives.

Graduate Education Curricular Proposal Timeline

Note: All curricular proposals must be submitted via the Curriculog system (

Deadline for proposals to reach
Provost's Office step by...
Review by Committee on
Graduate Education
Graduate Council
Approved Proposals will
be forwarded to Senate...
Senate will consider
08/16/2019 9/6/2019 9/20/2019 9/20/2019 10/1/2019
09/20/2019 10/11/2019 10/25/2019 10/25/2019 11/5/2019
10/18/2019 11/8/2019 11/22/2019 11/22/2019 12/3/2019
11/1/2019 11/22/2019 12/6/2019 1/2/2020 1/14/2020
12/6/2019 *
1/10/2020 1/24/2020 1/24/2020 2/4/2020
1/17/2020 # 2/7/2020 2/21/2020 2/21/2020 3/3/2020
2/14/2020 ## 3/6 and 3/13/2020 3/27/2020 3/27/2020 4/7 and 4/14/2020
4/17/2020 ~

*  Deadline for changes to: pre/co-requisite, placement scores, course number and/or course credit hours.
New degrees, programs, and certificates must also be reviewed by Academic Planning and Budget Committees prior to Senate consideration. We strongly recommend that new course proposals also meet this deadline if offering in fall course schedule. 
Proposals that do not reach the Provost step by 2/14/2020 will not be considered. All 2019-2020 Undergraduate, Graduate and General Education Curriculog forms will be deactivated and unavailable for use after 2/21/20. The new 2020-2021 forms will be activated and ready for use no later than July 1, 2020 (once U and G catalogs are finalized and posted).
~ No curricular proposals will be considered at the April 17th meeting. Any proposals not considered by the March 13th meeting will need to be submitted in August for consideration in Fall 2020.

REMINDERS:  CHE approval (new program, program modification) can take 5 months (if there are no issues or delays).  New programs require SACSCOC approval and may not begin until approval is conveyed.  CHE notification for new certificates and notification of change for concentrations or programs totaling 12 credits or less require 3 months for review and acknowledgement prior to start.

Committee Roster

Chair: Sandy Slater - History

Bossak, Brian - Health and Human Performance

Keeney, Kate - Arts Management

Morrison, Shawn - French, Francophone, and Italian Studies

Ruth-McSwain, Amanda - Communication

Non-voting ex-officio members: Provost (or Provost's designee), Dean of Graduate School (or Graduate Dean's designee), Registrar (or Registrar's designee), and Associate Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning (or designee).

Have more questions? Please contact the committee chair, Sandy Slater