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Faculty Hearing Committee

The Faculty Hearing Committee is made up of five tenured faculty members, at least two of whom shall hold the rank of Professor. Six tenured alternates, at least two of whom shall have the rank of Professor, shall be available in case of a conflict of interest.

The committee hears cases of tenured and non-tenured faculty members against whom the College has made formal, written allegations of a nature that, if substantiated, could lead to their dismissal for cause. The committee also hears cases involving the following: alleged discrimination in denial of tenure; dismissal at the end of the contract term, promotion, compensation, or work assignment; alleged violations of academic freedom; alleged violations of due process; and election appeals.

(Description adapted from the Faculty/Administration Manual, August 2017: Article V, Section 3.B.12)


Chair: Larry Krasnoff - Philosophy

Anthony Bishara - Psychology

Terence Bowers - English

Jiexiang Li - Mathematics

Meta Van Sickle - Teacher Education


David Boucher - Chemistry and Biochemistry

Barbara Duval - Studio Art

Marvin Gonzalez - Supply Chain and Information Management

Jason Overby- Chemistry and Biochemistr

Sandi Shields - Mathematics

Felix Vasquez - Hispanic Studies

To view the online archive of records for this committee, please view the Faculty Senate Online Archives.

Have more questions? Please contact the committee chair, Larry Krasnoff.