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Committee on Nominations and Elections

The Committee on Nominations and Elections is made up of seven members of the faculty who have completed at least three years of service at the College.

The committee is responsible for nominating candidates for Speaker of the Faculty, Faculty Secretary, and membership on all standing and ad-hoc committees of the Faculty Senate and of the College. The committee also conducts elections for at-large school senators by verifying Senate apportionment, candidate, and voter eligibility. Conducting these elections includes creating, distributing, collecting and validating ballots, and certifying election results.

(Description adapted from the Faculty/Administration Manual, August 2017: Article V, Section 3.B.1)

Committee Roster

Chair: RoxAnn Stalvey - Computer Science

Merissa Ferrara - Communication

Susan Farrell - English

Robert Mignone - Mathematics

Renee McCauley - Computer Science

Jared Seay - Library

Julie Swanson - Teacher Education

To view the online archive of records for this committee, please view the Faculty Senate Online Archives.

Have more questions? Please contact the committee chair, RoxAnn Stalvey