Nominations & Elections Information

Election of Adjunct Faculty to the Faculty Senate

Changes have been made and ratified to the FAM Bylaws regarding adjunct representation in the Faculty Senate.  Beginning Fall 2015, three Adjunct Senators will be elected by and represent the adjunct faculty.  Many adjuncts professors/instructors/lecturers are eligible to serve on the Faculty Senate during the 2015-2016 academic year. Please see the eligibility excerpt below to ascertain your own eligibility, which will be confirmed prior to finalizing the ballots.

The process of nomination is simple: you may self-nominate by emailing the chair of the Committee on Nominations and Elections and stating your willingness to run for one of the three adjunct senate seats.  All qualified adjuncts will be included in the voting, and the 3 successful candidates are expected to represent the interests of all adjunct colleagues.

Additionally, adjunct professors/instructors/lecturers are eligible for membership on three College-wide Standing Committees, A. Faculty Welfare, B. Faculty Compensation, or  C. Faculty Advisory Committee to the President.  If you are a qualified adjunct faculty member, and are interested in serving on one of these three committees, the process of nomination is equally as simple as above.  Email the Chair of Nominations and Elections and identify which committee you're willing to serve on. 

To nominate yourself as an Adjunct Senator and/or as an adjunct committee member, please include the following in your email:

  1. Name (First & Last)
  2. Department(s) where you are currently an adjunct professor/instructor/lecturer
  3. Number of consecutive semesters you have served as an adjunct at the College of Charleston
  4. Whether you would like to be considered for one of the “Adjunct Senator” seats and/or an “Adjunct Committee Member” seat, and please identify which committee(s) you would like to serve on 

Deadline for nominations is in March of each year

Approved FAM Adjunct updates:
1. Motion to Change Faculty and Administration Manual to add Adjunct Representation to the Faculty Welfare Committee, Faculty Advisory Committee to the President, and the Faculty Compensation Committee (pdf)
2. Motion to Change Faculty and Administration Bylaws to add Adjunct Representation to the Faculty Senate(pdf)

Eligibility excerpt: An Adjunct Faculty Senator must have been employed as an adjunct faculty [as defined in Article III, Section A, 2, b, (4)] instructor of record at least twice in the preceding three academic years prior to election as an Adjunct Faculty Senator and must be currently employed as an adjunct faculty (as defined above) at the time of service as an Adjunct Faculty Senator... Concurrently serving Adjunct Faculty Senators must represent at least two different schools and three different departments.