Chairs of the Committees

2022-2023 Academic Year

Faculty Speaker: William Veal
Faculty Secretary: RoxAnn Stalvey

Academic Planning Committee: Thomas Spade
Adjunct Oversight Committee: TBD                                                                                                                                            Advisory Committee on First Year Experience: Amy Kolak
Advisory Committee on Tenure, Promotion, and Third Year Review: Susan Divine
Budget Committee: Robert Pitts
Committee on Academic Standards, Admissions, and Financial Aid: TBD
Committee on Assessment of Institutional Effectiveness: Wendy Sheppard                                                                                          Committee on By-Laws and Faculty/Administration Manual: Merissa Ferrara
Committee on Continuing Education: Rafael Teixeira
Committee on General Education: Suanne Ansari and William McCorkle                                                                                          Committee on Graduate Education: Shawn Morrison 
Committee on the Library: Katie Swart
Committee on Nominations and Elections: Laura Penny
Committee on Student Affairs and Athletics: Brandon Lewter
Curriculum Committee: Bea Maldonado
Educational Technology Committee: TBD
Faculty Advisory Committee to the President: TBD
Faculty Compensation Committee: TBD
Faculty Grievance Committee: Lenny Lowe                                                                                                                                      Faculty Hearing Committee: Heath Hoffman and Barry Stiefel
Faculty Research and Development Committee: Ghazi Abuhakema and Morgan Hughey
Faculty Welfare Committee: Beth Goodier
Honors College Committee: Mike Maher
Post-Tenure Review Committee:TBD