Committee Rosters

2022-2023 Academic Year

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(S) denotes a Senator.
(P) denotes the Faculty Senate Parliamentarian. 

Standing Senate Committees

Academic Planning Committee

Chair: Thomas Spade - Accounting and Legal Studies 

Von Bakanic – Sociology and Anthropology 

David Boucher – Chemistry and Biochemistry  

Kathleen DeHaan – Communication 

Tom Kunkle – Mathematics  

George Pothering – Computer Science 

John Sieverdes – Health and Human Performance  

Student member: TBA

Non-voting ex-officio member: Provost (or Provost's designee)

Budget Committee

Chair: Robert Pitts - Management and Marketing 

Secretary: Adam Jordan - Teacher Education  

Yaron Ayalon – Jewish Studies  

Agnes Ayme-Southgate – Biology 

Tim Barker – Chemistry and Biochemistry  

Johnathan Neufeld – Philosophy  

Cliffton Peacock – Studio Art 

 Non-voting ex-officio members: Provost (or Provost's designee), College Budget Director 

Committee on By-Laws and Faculty/Administration Manual

Chair: Merissa Ferrara - Communication 

Secretary: Josette Pelzer - Accounting and Business Law

Wendy Cory - Chemistry

Ex-officio members: Speaker of the Faculty, Faculty Secretary, Provost (or Provost's designee), and Vice President for Legal Affairs.

Standing College Committees

Adjunct Oversight Committee

Chair: TBD

Julie Davis – Communication 

Laura Maron – Teacher Education 

Andrew Przeworski – Mathematics   

Advisory Committee on First-Year Experience

Chair: Amy Kolak - Psychology 

Erin Beutel – Geology and Environmental Sciences  

Margaret Keneman – French, Francophone, and Italian Studies 

Jenifer Kopfman – Communication 

Liza Reader – Health and Human Performance  

Joshua Shanes – Jewish Studies  

 Laura Turner – Theater and Dance  


Advisory Committee on Tenure, Promotion, and Third-Year Review

Chair: Susan Divine - Hispanic Studies

Marvin Gonzalez – Supply Chain and Information Management  

Christy Kollath-Cattano – Health and Human Performance 

Sorinel Oprisan – Physics and Astronomy  

Anton Vander Zee - English 


Calvin Blackwell – Economics  

Irina Gigova – History  

Grace Hubel – Psychology    

Brian Lanahan – Teacher Education 

Lauren Ravalico – Frenchm Francophone, and Italian Studies 

Ex-officio non-voting member: Provost (or Provost's designee)

Committee on Academic Standards, Admissions, and Financial Aid

Chair: TBD

Chris Boucher – History 

Paige Bressler – Accounting and Business Law 

Christine Byrum – Biology  

Jim Deavor – Chemistry and Biochemistry 

Allison Foley – Sociology and Anthropology  

Kayla Kipps – Library  

Student member(s): 

Non-voting ex-officio members (or Provost's designee): Bruce Fleming

Committee on Assessment of Institutional Effectiveness

Chair: Wendy Sheppard - Mathematics 

Secretary: Keonya Booker – Teacher Education   

Xi Cui – Communication    

Mike Duvall – English 

Jannette Finch – Library  

Elizabeth Jurisich - Mathematics 

Vijay Vulava – Geology and Environmental Geosciences  

Non-voting ex-officio members: Provost (or Provost's designee), Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning

Committee on Continuing Education

Chair: Rafael Teixeira - Supply Chain and Information Management 

Secretary: Ashley Walters – Jewish Studies 

Terence Bowers – English   

Yu Gong – Physics and Astronomy  

Aaisha Haykal – Library  

Non-voting ex-officio members: Provost (or Provost's designee), Dean of the School of Professional Studies (or their designee), Registrar (or Registrar's designee), and Associate Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning (or designee).

Committee on General Education

Co-Chair: Suanne Ansari - Accounting and Legal Studies 

Co-Chair: William McCorkle - Teacher Education 

John Chadwick – Geology and Environmental Geosciences 

Carmen Grace - Hispanic Studies 

Susan Kattwinkel – Theater and Dance  

Blanche McCune – Classics  

Meena Purushottam - Supply Chain and Information Management  

Student member: 

Ex-officio non-voting members: Associate Vice President for the Academic Experience (or other administrator designated by the Provost), Director of Assessment (or other administrator designated by the Provost)

Committee on Graduate Education

Chair: Shawn Morrison - French-Francophone-Italian Studies 

Secretary: Brennan Keegan - Religious Studies 

Roxane DeLaurell – Accounting and Legal Studies 

Behrang Forghani – Mathematics  

Maureen Hays – Sociology and Anthropology  

Christine Moore – Computer Science 

Matthew Nowlin – Political Science  

Non-voting ex-officio members: Provost (or Provost's designee), Dean of Graduate School (or Graduate Dean's designee), Registrar (or Registrar's designee), and Associate Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning (or designee).

Committee on the Library

Chair: Katie Swart - Teacher Education 

Julia Arroyo – Sociology and Anthropology  

Mari Crabtree – African American Studies  

Zeb Dingley – History  

Kelly Jakes – Communication  

Sarah Koellner – German and Russian Studies  

Ana Oprisan – Physics and Astronomy  

Non-voting ex-officio member: Dean of the Libraries

Committee on Nominations and Elections

Chair: Laura Penny - Physics 

Emily Beck – Hispanic Studies 

Irina Gigova – History  

Phyllis Jestice - History 

Allison Welch – Biology  

Todd McNerney – Theatre and Dance 

Emily Skinner – Teacher Education  

Committee on Student Affairs and Athletics

Chair: Brandon Lewter - Library

Secretary: Chris Fragile – Physics 

Susan Flynn – Teacher Education  

Robert Hogan – Accounting and Business Law 

Briana McGinnis – Political Science 

student-athlete member:

student member: 

Non-voting ex-officio members: Senior Vice President for Student Affairs, Executive Athletic Director, and faculty athletic representative  

Curriculum Committee

Chair: Beatriz Maldonado  - International Studies

Secretary: Dan Moroncelli - Mathematics

Amy Gordanier – History 

Anthony Greene – African American Studies 

Kelly Hudson – Library 

Becky Kyryliuk – Health and Human Performance 

Todd LeVasseur – Humanities and Social Sciences  

Funke Oladimeji – Physics and Astronomy 

Jordan Ragusa – Political Science  

 Student member: TBA

Ex-officio member: Registrar (or Registrar's designee)

Non-voting ex-officio member: Provost (or Provost's designee)

Educational Technology Committee

Chair: TBD

Juliette Bourdier – French-Francophone-Italian Studies 

DJ Connor – Physics and Astronomy  

Can Dalyan – Sociology and Anthropology  

David Parisi – Communication  

Walter Persons – Geology and Environmental Studies 

Mark Pyles – Finance  

Chelsea Reid-Short – Psychology  

Student member: TBA

Non-voting ex-officio members: Provost (or Provost's designee), Chief Information Officer (or CIO's designee), and Director of Teaching, Learning, and Technology

Faculty Advisory Committee to the President

Chair: TBD

Burkett, Tracy – Sociology and Anthropology  

Rebekah Compton – Art and Architectural History  

Margaret Hagood – Teacher Education 

Chris Mothorphe – Economics 

Brooke Permenter – Honors College  

Robert Podolsky - Biolofy 

Elected adjunct faculty member: TBD 

Chair of the Academic Planning Committee: Thomas Spade

Chair of the Budget Committee: Robert Pitts 

Chair of the Faculty Welfare Committee: Beth Goodier

Chair of the Committee on General Education: Suanne Ansari and William McCorkle

Chair of the Committee on Assessment of Institutional Effectiveness: Wendy Sheppard

Chair of the Faculty Compensation Committee: TBD

Faculty Compensation Committee

Chair: TBD

Jennifer Baker – Philosophy 

Kris Ghosh - Computer Science 

Devon Hanahan - Hispanic Studies

Richard Kilpatrick – Accounting and Legal Studies 

Susan Klein – Studio Art 

Carlos Lavin – Teacher Education 

Deborah McGee - Communication  

Kelly Wiechman – French Francophone and Italian Studies 

Elected adjunct faculty member: TBD  

Faculty Grievance Committee

Chair: Lenny Lowe - Religious Studies 

Jennifer Gerrish – Classics 

Richard Lavrich – Chemistry and Biochemistry  

Kenneth Soyeh – Finance  

Jessica Streit – Art and Architectural History   


Kristin Alexander – Theater and Dance 

Jiexiang Li – Mathematics 

William O’Byrne – Teacher Education 

Kathleen Trejo Tello – Health and human performance   

Faculty Hearing Committee

Co-Chair: Heath Hoffmann - Sociology and Anthropology  

Co-Chair: Barry Stiefel - Art and Architectural History

Tim Carens – English  

Barbara Duval – Studio Art  

Angela Flenner - Library  

Lei Jin – Asian Studies 

Renling Jin – Mathematics 

Beth Lloyd – Teacher Education 

Norman Maynard – Economics  

Nancy Nenno – German and Russian Studies 

Matthew Rutter – Biology  

Elena Strauman – Communication  


Faculty Research and Development Committee

Co-Chair: Ghazi Abuhakema - Asian Studies 

Co-Chair: Morgan Hughey - Health and Human Performance 

Mike Braswell - Accounting and Business Law 

Feifei Chen  - Communication  

Eric McElroy – Biology  

Tara Prakash – Art and Architectural History  

Hector Qirko – Sociology and Anthropology  

Yiorgos Vassilandonakis - Music 

Yang Wang – Mathematics  

Non-voting ex-officio member: Provost (or Provost's designee)

Faculty Welfare Committee

Chair: Beth Goodier - Communication 

Elizabeth Bick – Studio Art  

Thomas Carroll – Health and Performance 

Lisa Covert – History 

Patricia Dillon – Art and Architectural History  

Maryam Mahdikhani – Supply Chain and Information Management  

Robert Mignone – Mathematics 

Mutindi ndunda – Teacher Education  

Ricard Vinas De Puig – Hispanic Studies 


Honor Board

Renaud Geslain – Biology 

Leslie Hart – Health and Human Performance 

John Huddlestun – Religious Studies  

Allison Jones – Library  

Kai Bo – Mathematics  

Kristen McLean – International Studies 

David Morris – Sociology and Anthropology  

Karrie Saboe – Accounting and Legal Studies  

Honor Board Advisors

Saundra DeAthos-Meers – Music   

Stephen Della Lana – German and Russian Studies  

Lynne Ford – Political Science 

Robin Humphreys – Geology and Environmental Geosciences  

Malinda McCollum – English 

Elena Rodriguez – Library  

Amy Rogers – Chemistry and Biochemistry  

Gabriel Williams – Physics and Astronomy  

Honors College Committee

Chair: Mike Maher - French, Francophone, and Italian Studies

Lancie Affonso – Computer Science 

Deborah Boyle – Philosophy 

Brigit Ferguson – Art and Architectural History 

Melissa Negreiros – Teacher Education 

Gabrielle Principe – Psychology 

Ana Uribe – Physics and Astronomy  

Student Representative: TBA

Ex-officio non-voting member: Honors College Dean (or Dean's designee)

Parking Advisory and Adjudication Committee

George Chartas  Physics and Astronomy   


Michael GiulianoChemistry and Biochemistry

Post-Tenure Review Committee

Chair: TBD

Kristin Krantzman - Chemistry and Biochemistry

Peter Calcagno – Economics  

Raul Carrillo – Hispanic  

Phyllis Jestice  – History  

Kristin Krantzman – Chemistry and biochemistry  

Simon Lewis – English   


Bonnie Devet – English 

Natalia Khoma – Music  

Gorka Sancho – Biology  

Elijah Siegler – Religious Studies   

David Wyman – Management and Marketing