There are 24 permanent committees under the Faculty Senate: 3 are Standing Senate Committees and 21 are Standing College Committees. To see the specific make-up and duties of each committee, please select from the side bar navigation to your left. In addition to permanent committees are ad hoc Faculty Senate and College committees, which are created by the Faculty Senate. These committees vary in how long they are consituted. To see these ad hoc committees, please scroll down, or go to the ad hoc Committee webpage.
For full listings of the Committee Chairs and the Committee membership rosters, please view the General Committee Information page on the Faculty Senate SharePoint site.
Archives  - For past committee rosters and minutes, and other records, please see the archives section of the website.

Standing Senate Committees

Standing College Committees

ad hoc Faculty Senate and College Committees

  • Active ad hoc committees:
    • ad hoc Committee on Curbing Gun Violence
    • ad hoc Committee on Race, Equity, and Inclusion
    • ad hoc Committee on Teaching Effectiveness
  • For records of past ad hoc Committees, please visit the ad hoc committee webpage.
    • ad hoc Committee on Institutional Identity and Vision (2005-06, 2017-19)
    • ad hoc Committee on Hearings (2016-17)
    • ad hoc Committee of Chairs of Committees (2014-15, 2015-16)

Institution-Wide Committees

  • Bookstore Council – 1 member
  • Honor Board – 8 members
  • Honor Board Advisors - 8 members
  • Parking Advisory and Adjudication Committee – 2  members (1 regular and 1 alternate)
  • QEP Committees
  • Reaffirmation of Accreditation

Prior Faculty Senate Standing Committees

  • Committee on Graduate Education, Continuing Education and Special Programs – 5 members  (at least one from grad. faculty)
    • Ceased after Spring 2017. This committee was broken into two committees in Fall 2017: the Committee on Continuing Education, and the Committee on Graduate Education.