Committee on Student Affairs and Athletics

The Committee on Student Affairs and Athletics is made up of five faculty members and two students, one of whom should be a student-athlete. The Executive Vice President for Student Affairs, the Director of Athletics, and the Faculty Athletics Representative are non-voting ex-officio members.

The committee consults with and makes recommendations to student organizations, the faculty, and administration in matters related to the cultural, social, and physical well-being of the students. The committee is also responsible to review student petitions and make recommendations to the Faculty Senate and/or administration. This responsibility provides campus-wide oversight of the College of Charleston's 19-sport NCAA Division I intercollegiate athletics program and advises the Faculty Senate and administration concerning the relation between academic and athletic interests of the College. The committee provides recommendations to the President and the Faculty Senate regarding athletics policies of the College relating to new programs, schedules, and athletic scholarships. The Chair of the Committee on Student Affairs and Athletics, or a designated representative, shall attend meetings of the Committee on Student Affairs and Athletics of the Board of Trustees. 

(Description adapted from the Faculty/Administration Manual, August 2021: Article V, Section 3.B.6)

Committee Roster

Chair: Brandon Lewter - Library 

Secretary: Chris Fragile – Physics 

Susan Flynn – Teacher Education  

Robert Hogan – Accounting and Business Law 

Briana McGinnis – Political Science 

student-athlete member:

student member: 

Non-voting ex-officio members: Senior Vice President for Student Affairs, Executive Athletic Director, and Faculty Athletics representative  

To view the online archive of records for this committee, please view the Faculty Senate Online Archives.

Have more questions? Please contact the committee chair, Brandon Lewter.